Are we ready?

Only 10 days left in Belgium! The weather has finally started acting like it normally does this time around, so checking the weather in Buenos Aires is an instant mood-lifter these days.

Preparations have been going fairly smoothly. About two months ago you could read a bit about some of the dilemma’s we were dealing with. It’s time to check whether we have cut all the necessary knots.

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bucket list (buck•et list)


a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime trip of a lifetime


We made ourselves a bucket list! We believe that making a bucket list should be all about dreaming. No strings attached, all fun.  Try it, you’ll have fun even if you’re not about to jump on a plane right away. Will our trip be unsuccessful if we haven’t checked off our entire list? Not even close. It might even get longer along the way, a proof of how much we’re loving the place and that we’re in need of even more wonderful experiences! And what doesn’t happen on this trip gives us an excuse to start travelling again soon.

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