One month to go!

In between working, we’re reading as much as possible about what’s ahead of us. The last few years travel blogging has grown a lot. There’s so much information around, that sometimes it feels like we’re drowning in it. You really need to get organized to keep up with everything.

Here’s some useful tools we’ve been using, that are completely free:

  • Dropbox: If there’s two or more of you it’s nice if you can share the progress you make with your co-travellers. We keep our packing list and saving-progress on here so that whenever something comes up, we both know about it right away. Docs are synchronized instantly and are accessible through the internet wherever you are (similar: or Google docs).
  • Evernote: Whenever I read something, find an interesting blog or want to compare prices, I load the webpage on to Evernote as a new note. You can just add all the tags that are relevant to the note. That way you can group things that talk about the same topic. If later on you want to look up something you found earlier, you just click on the tag and instantly get all the information on that specific topic. Handy for when you stumble upon something that might come in handy later, but you’re afraid you’ll forget about (e.g. often I find interesting information on the Machu Picchu trail, but that’s still months ahead of us. Tagging them with Peru and Machu Picchu allows me to easily get back to it when we actually start preparing for that part of our trip). The downside of Evernote is that you need the premium version to share your notes with others.
  • Labels in Gmail: Booking things or asking for inquiries ends up in you receiving tons of emails. Making decent labels in Gmail allows us to easily find them again when needed.
  • Microsoft Excel: for all those endless lists. Packing list, to do list, hostel comparisons, budget (how much we’ve been saving and how much we’ll be spending), … (ok, I guess Excel is not so free, but who doesn’t have this on his computer?)

Anything I’m missing?
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