bucket list (buck•et list)


a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime trip of a lifetime

(from: http://oxforddictionaries.com)

We made ourselves a bucket list! We believe that making a bucket list should be all about dreaming. No strings attached, all fun.  Try it, you’ll have fun even if you’re not about to jump on a plane right away. Will our trip be unsuccessful if we haven’t checked off our entire list? Not even close. It might even get longer along the way, a proof of how much we’re loving the place and that we’re in need of even more wonderful experiences! And what doesn’t happen on this trip gives us an excuse to start travelling again soon.

  1. Speak Spanish (rather) fluently.
  2. Volunteer! Preferably once in a social project, once in an environmental project
  3. Get to Colombia before the rest of the world discovers this supposedly hidden gem
  4. Chew coca leaves and never again suffer from altitude sickness
  5. Scuba dive in the Galapagos Archipelago
  6. Read. I love reading (I think ;)). Somehow I just need to get the ball rolling.
  7. Chase our much-loved cup a coffee all the way back to its rooths. In other words, visit some coffee plantations and find our favorite beans!
  8. Sand board in the Atacama-dessert, Chile
  9. Learn how to make empanadas and eat LOADS of them
  10. Since Christophe is totally addicted to chocolate, leaving this continent without exploring some cocoa plantations would be a shame
  11. Hit the waves on a surf board in every country we pass (well, except Argentina and Bolivia)
  12. Drink mate like a local
  13. Walk on a glacier (preferably with crampons on)
  14. Find a vineyard where they would appreciate a little help from our delicate hands, while teaching us the ins and outs of their wines (and maybe give us a place to sleep and a glass of wine once in a while, we don’t ask much ;))
  15. Touch the trees of the Amazon and find Bagheera’s Latino cousins!

What would your bucket list look like?

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6 thoughts on “bucket list (buck•et list)

  1. Jos

    I still have some coca leaves from my trip in 1982.
    You are welcome to try them, but they do not look as fresh as 29 years ago.

  2. PJ

    voor puntje 9 en 12 had je altijd mogen langskomen 😉 en puntje 4 werkt, maar uw bek gaat er wel van stinken, dus plan die avond maar geen ‘quality time’ :-p

  3. Puntje 9 en 12 in uw keuken uitvoeren is toch niet helemaal hetzelfde, hé 😉

    • Alex

      Zolang dat jullie maar samen kauwen is puntje 4 geen probleem! (ik spreek uit ervaring) En buiten “apunamiento” is het ook goed voor de spijsvertering, goed tegen buikloop en andere misselijkheden! Jeah!

      Een zeer haalbare bucket list (so far) Love it Jolene! x

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