Are we ready?

Only 10 days left in Belgium! The weather has finally started acting like it normally does this time around, so checking the weather in Buenos Aires is an instant mood-lifter these days.

Preparations have been going fairly smoothly. About two months ago you could read a bit about some of the dilemma’s we were dealing with. It’s time to check whether we have cut all the necessary knots.


We were kindly, but persuasively, told that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get vaccinated for rabies. Turns out Belgian government made these boosters very affordable. At 30 euro for 3 shots, they were by far the cheapest ones we got.


As for the packing issues: We decided to bring along our sleeping bags. Although they’re pretty bulky, they will be warm enough to survive Patagonian night and save us quite some money when renting gear. What happens after Patagonia remains to be seen, if they turn out to be dead weight we’ll find a nice place for them to die of old age.


We have also been spending quite some money on reservations for the first few weeks of our trip. We are now sure that we’ll be doing a 3-day kayaking trip with the guys from Huellas y Costas, hopefully spotting the Right Whales. We’ll be renting a car for a day to go spot thousands of penguins and their cute little babies. We’ll also be visiting Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay while we’re in Buenos Aires.

10 days left, what to do?

First of all there are the goodbyes. Of the coming ten days, we have 5 nights booked for saying goodbye to grandma’s, aunts and uncles and of course parents and friends. We also made sure that we would have a moment to ourselves to say goodbye to Belgium and our life as we know it right now. We’ll be going out for diner, just the two of us, spoiling ourselves with some tasty food the way we like it. For all I know, we won’t be having our say about the food again for a while. No more cheese-sandwiches, no more Nutella-sandwich in the morning, no more greasy Belgian fries, no more Stella with our Vol-au-vent, …

While Christophe is in his last week of working, I’m currently taking on my last jobs as a waitress and cleaning out my desk at the university. We have been able to save as much as we wanted/saw possible and even received some much appreciated support from our families. We have nothing to complain about, money-wise, and I believe we will be able to have an amazing experience!

Packing has started with baby-steps. I have two tables in the house with all the stuff on that might/will be brought along. Everyday I’m adding things and in a few days I hope to have a clear view of what we can or cannot bring and what we still have to buy. We have a few orders hanging somewhere in the air, they should arrive next week, and I am sure there will be some last-minute purchases next week as well.

In the mean time documents are being gathered and copied, fake wallets are being constructed and mom is helping me out with making hidden pockets in my pants and repairing money-belts.

Things are getting very real!!

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2 thoughts on “Are we ready?

  1. Laurens

    Mooi mooi!

    Wel een ding: hoewel fake wallets en hidden pockets handig zijn vind ik money belts useless. Ge ziet die keihard zitten dus zijn niet overval-proof, en om gewoon uw geld weg te steken dat het niet op de grond zou vallen zijn uw broekzakken en een verborgen plaats met rits in uw rugzak even goed. Juist mijn 2 centen 😉

    • Je hebt zeker een punt, “at gunpoint” zullen ze natuurlijk vinden wat ze willen. Iemand die echter snel onze zak of tas wilt meeritsen die zal minder snel in mijn broek beginnen grijpen denk ik. We nemen het alvast mee en gebruiken het waar en wanneer we het nuttig achten 🙂

      More tips are always appreciated!

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