How no whales and harsh winds can still bring good times…

A few days ago we did a 3-day trip on Peninsula Valdes, a place where whales, sea lions, seals and elephant seals find it so safe they come here to deliver their babies. We (us two and the two guides) drove to the peninsula and pitched our tent on a private beach. The plan was to go kayaking a few hours every day and hopefully come across some whales or other animals. Because the breeding season for the whales came to its end and the babies got big enough, the whales already started moving back to the open ocean. No whales for us, but that means we have one more excuse why we’ll have to go to Canada one day or another!

Kayaking the first day was tough, because of the strong winds. When we were taking a rest at one of the desolate beaches, suddenly we saw we had some company. Young sea lions were curiously looking at us from the water. We hurried back into our kayaks and played with them for a while. They are very playful: they swam around us and came very close. Because of the strong winds it was too risky to grab our camera, so sadly no pics…

The following day the wind got stronger and kayaking was not an option. We toured the peninsula in stead and went to the seals and sea lions colony. We got into our kayaks one more time before the trip was over, but it was really too hard to fight the winds…

This trip got a bit ruined by the harsh winds and the end of the whale season, but it still gave us the amazing experiences of sleeping on a desolate beach, having a toilet with the best view ever (guess which picture Christophe took while doing his business!), a wonderful night sky and kayaking with sea lions!

What’s next? Right now we’re in Puerto Natales, Chile and are probably suffering on our first day of a 10-day hiking trip in Torres Del Paine NP. This means we will be saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to squirrels, condors and maybe Mister and Misses Puma. There might also be some fellow hikers around to give a hug.

Merry Christmas everyone and see you in 2012!!

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2 thoughts on “How no whales and harsh winds can still bring good times…

  1. debrun fred

    Dag wereldreizigers,

    Vanuit ons klein Vlaanderen wensen wij jullie samen een leuk kerstfeest en een heel tof eindejaar.Jullie vieren wel oud jaar dit jaar wel heel speciaal ,een unieke ervaring , geniet er met volle teugen van se.Hou het veilig en tot hores.

    Knuffels van ons allemaal ,Conny Lode en Fred.

    • Bedankt!

      Wij wensen jullie ook allemaal een gezond en voorspoedig 2012!


      Jolien en Christophe

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