Working away in Patagonia

After travelling more than a month in all kinds of hostels and buses, we thought time was right to put things to a hold for a while and at the same time improve our Spanish. We looked around a bit for various places to stay and / or work and we found our little spot.

For the next four weeks, we’ll be working as volunteers in an ecolodge in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, in an isolated spot close to Puerto Guadal, bordering the Lago General Carrera, the second biggest lake in South America, which is situated in both Chile and Argentina. We’ll be helping in the garden, the kitchen, serving guests, welcoming them to the lodge – all this while enjoying the views of the Lago and mountains surrounding it.

More very soon!


Our home for a while.

Highs and lows, fire and ice in Torres del Paine, Chile

About one year ago I just started my temporary job at the university and I wanted to pick a nice desktop picture for my computer. We already knew we’d by going for a long-term trip around South America and one part I was already very excited about was the Torres del Paine national park in Chile. This park has some of the most amazing nature I’ve ever seen and a picture of the view from the Valle del Francès was so beautiful it became my wallpaper for the whole time I worked there.

10 days ago we made it to the park: we would start hiking the grand circuit, the trail that leads you to the Grey glacier, Valle del Francès and the Mirador del Torres! It would take us about ten days so we packed our tent and sleeping gear and brought enough food to survive the entire trip.

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