How we got out of Coyhaique:

Some state-of-the-art hitchhiking: found a car to pass the barricades after half an hour of hitchhiking. A plane took us to Puerto Montt.


Aysén, tu problema es mi problema

Yes, we’re back on the road. We’re moving to the north, although a little slower than planned. After 33 days at the Mallín Colorado Ecolodge we figured it was time to hit the road again. Our workstay at the lodge was an amazing experience. With very high highs, but also very low lows. We worked many hours, ‘till late at night one time for 11 days straight. That was a little too much. But we met amazing people, saw amazing landscapes and learned a lot of Spanish. Our Spanish has improved drastically, although the most improvement we made is in the kitchen area. I can tell you how to make ‘Casuela de ave’ or ‘Mil Hojas’ in Spanish. We can ask you if you would like to drink a Pisco Sour, but don’t expect me to explain you how to find the nearest supermarket or what I think of the weather. Oh and of course we’ve got the Chilean slang down almost perfectly, cachay?

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Wolken en omnis in Patagonië

Enkele dagen geleden hadden we twee vrije dagen en dus besloten we de omgeving wat meer te verkennen. Ons oog viel op Puerto Bertrand, een dorp van 200 inwoners op een 19 kilometer van de lodge, langs de Carretera Austral. Het ligt ook aan het Lago Betrand, een lichtblauw meer en is vooral bekend als startpunt van de Rio Baker, de rivier met het grootst volume water per seconde in Chili. Je kan er dan ook raften, vliegvissen en kayaken.

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