4 months, 2 countries and what it cost us…

Exactly four months ago we said goodbye to our lives as we knew them and jumped on a plane to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 121 days on the road and two countries officially behind us, we’d like to share with you what this means in terms of finances. While preparing for our trip, we thought it was a great help to be able to read about it on other travel blogs. We hope we can help some future travellers get an idea of what travelling in South America might cost.

Of course this is still a personal matter and most important is that you enjoy yourself while travelling, be it super-low-cost or very luxurious. We tend to watch our money carefully, but don’t deny ourselves a private room or a fancy meal once in a while. We like to do things on our own as much as we can, but where needed we book a tour or hire a guide.

Travelling as a couple gives you a small advantage compared to travelling alone (i.e. lower cost per person), but the difference will not be huge.



Days spent: 21

Cost per day: €  95,03

Expenses per category:

Expenses Argentina



Days spent, including work stay: 86

Cost per day, including work stay: € 13,08

Days spent, excluding work stay (so actually being on the road): 51

Cost per day, excluding work stay (so actually being on the road): € 47,04

Expenses per category:

Expenses Chile

After four months we spent an average of  € 1.487,57 per month, € 49,18 per day, for the both of us.

Fun facts:

Jolien has lost: 1 pair of underwear, 1 mp3-player :(, 1 small (yet expensive) towel, 1 sponge

Christophe has lost: 1 pair of socks

We have bought: sturdy walking shoes, hiking poles, 1 t-shirt, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 books

We have found/been given/won: a Vaude sweater, 2 sleeping matresses, Lonely Planet guide of Chile, 1 t-shirt and a bunch of new friends!

If you feel there is some crucial information missing in this post, please let us know!

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3 thoughts on “4 months, 2 countries and what it cost us…

  1. Wow! Vet dat jullie de financiën zo bijhouden! 1500 euro voor 2 personen valt supergoed mee joh! Om echt te sparen moet je naar Frankrijk op EVS komen.. Ik denk zelfs dat ik er winst uit ga halen 😉 Maar ik doe natuurlijk niet zo’n coole activiteiten zoals jullie! Zodus: Que se diviertan allá! Gewoon alles eruit halen! Kus x x Alexx

  2. Felipe

    you know, this help me a lot for my studies jaja i love your financial work. jajja kind of geeky, but very useful. good luck my friends!! keep enjoyiing everything as much as you can

    • Glad we could contribute to your studies Felipe. Make sure you cite your sources though, or we’ll sue you for plagiarism and then managing our finances will be soooooo easy. Haha sorry just kidding. Good luck in your last semester and save enough to visit Europe soon 😉

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