Copacabana and Isla del Sol

In Copacabana (our final stop in Bolivia!) we arrive right in the middle of major festivities. It’s supposed to be a holiday to honor the cross of Jesus, but what we really see is men and women showing of their costumes, dancing and drinking the night away. When we wake up the next morning the parade is still going on, although the dancing seems a little less coordinated. I’m sure the beer had something to do with that…

We’re in Copacabana to visit the Island of the Sun, on the famous Lake Titicaca. On this island the sun was born and it seems to have never really left. Apart from a few clouds we have sunshine burning on our faces the entire two days. Something we’re grateful for, at an altitude of almost 4000m it gets freezing cold once you’re in the shadow.

We let us talk into a hike from South to North, but in the end we think it’s probably better to go North to South. Less uphill walking and the town in the South has a lot more to offer (although no beach). The ruins in the North are pretty nice and we get a showing of “new-age Inca’s”, honoring their gods at the sacred rock… Copacabana and the island seem to be the place to be for hippies from all over the world.

That was the last of Bolivia! Hasta luego!?

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