Travelling in Bolivia – the numbers

Since we left Bolivia behind, we figured it’s time we add up the numbers and see what damage this country did to our savings account.



Days spent: 41

Cost per day: € 55,05

Expenses per category:

Wait, I thought Bolivia was supposed to be the cheapest country? Then why do we have such a high cost per day here?

Bolivia has a lot to offer and much of it is done by booking a tour. In Bolivia we did:

  • A three day/two night tour around the Salar de Uyuni for : € 119 pp (booked and departed in Chili with Cordillera Traveller, highly recommended)
  • Spanish and Quechua classes in Sucre (3 hours/day for 5 days) for: € 75 pp (Fenix Language School, highly recommended)
  • Jungle stay in Amboró NP, 4 days/4 nights (extra night due to rain). Organized it ourselves for 2/3 of the price of the same thing offered by tour agencies. € 98 pp
  • Death Road, something we figured paying a little extra for could mean a lot in added safety, for: € 59 pp (with Vertigo Biking)
  • Pampas tour from Rurrenabaque, 3 days/2 nights for: € 100 pp  (with Indigena Tours, highly recommended, guides really were concerned with the environment)

All these tours include accommodation and food. Prices usually do not include tips for the guides, and since we had all good experiences we did a lot of tipping.

Bolivia is however cheap in terms of food and accommodation. We spent an average of  € 10,70 per day, for the two of us on food and  € 9,28 per day (again for the two of us) on accommodation. And we splurged more than usual, because we could. So Bolivia can be even cheaper for those on a very tight budget.

Finally, we took 3 flights. Considering the time you win (although don’t count on punctuality with TAM airlines) and the added comfort, the prices were very reasonable.

After 5 months of travelling we are now spending  € 1.596,92 per month, leaving us quite a few months to continue discovering this side of the world! Yay 🙂

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