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Where now?

So, after visiting paradise on earth, what are we up to now?

Sunday the 24th of June we fly from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Los Angeles, USA.  We will rent a car for 3 weeks and (roughly) do the following route:

After the road trip, we fly to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to spend some time with Sean and Dawn, my host parents from the time I was an exchange student in Delavan, Wisconsin. We’ll be chilling, visiting family and most of all appreciate every minute we get to spend together!

On the 25th of July we take a plane to Brussels, putting us on Belgian soil on thursday the 26th.

We are thus entering our final month of travelling. For us this will be more like a normal, summer vacation. We are planning ahead, booking camping sites and hostels beforehand and we will also stick to these plans!

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Cusco in Peru is apparently the longest inhabited city in South-America. One day it was the capital of the Incas, today you could say it’s the capital of the Gringo’s. Many, many tourists around and Cusco has made sure it provides all that a Gringo might need: massages, cafes, Irish pubs, artesanias at every price and quality, tours, tours and more tours…

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Travelling in Bolivia – the numbers

Since we left Bolivia behind, we figured it’s time we add up the numbers and see what damage this country did to our savings account.

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Copacabana and Isla del Sol

In Copacabana (our final stop in Bolivia!) we arrive right in the middle of major festivities. It’s supposed to be a holiday to honor the cross of Jesus, but what we really see is men and women showing of their costumes, dancing and drinking the night away. When we wake up the next morning the parade is still going on, although the dancing seems a little less coordinated. I’m sure the beer had something to do with that…

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Small detour into the jungle

We liked Sucre, and apparently Sucre liked us back. The night we are planned to take the bus to Cochabamba our last meal in Sucre decides it’s a little too early for us too leave. In stead of spending the night on the bus, Jolien spends the night on the toilet of the hostel. We stay in Sucre two more days, even Christophe pays a little more visits to the toilet than usual. While Jolien admires the walls of the bathroom, Christophe has an interesting chat with a fellow backpacker. Inspired by his experience we decide to book a flight to Santa Cruz to go explore the jungle of Parque Amboró. In Santa Cruz we call one of the communities in the park and make arrangements to stay with them for a few nights.

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