Before we leave

This trip isn’t really like any other trip we’ve done so far. Sure, our USA roadtrip in 2009 took some preparation, but nothing compared to what we’d like to do this time.


In order to travel in South America we’ll have to update our vaccinations! Hepatitis A and B are highly recommended, most countries even state that a hepatitis A booster is mandatory. A typhoid vaccination is also recommended. Whether or not we’ll be getting our rabies vaccine we’re not sure yet. Sources differ on whether or not it’s beneficial, since it’s no full protections (yet quite expensive), it just makes the process once you get bit a little easier (you still have to act fast upon getting bit by a dog/wild animal).

To be continued!


What do you bring along on a trip of which you don’t know how long it will take and where it will take you? A preliminary list has been made, a lot of thinking/buying still has to be done. Some knots that have to be cut: what photography gear do we bring? Do I need/want to carry a tripod? Will we bring our own tent and sleeping gear? We plan on doing a lot of hiking, where you can often rent the needed material, but maybe we can save a lot of money by bringing our own?
Since we decided to make a travelblog we decided to buy and bring along a little netbook. The cheapest one that we could find is now ours 😉


Since we’ll be leaving in December, we’re heading to Patagonia when it’s the busiest time of the year over there. How much of our freedom do we want to give up in exchange for a confirmed bed at night? So far we’ve made sure that we have a place to stay in Buenos Aires, so that we can deal with our jetlag properly and don’t have to go hostel-hopping right away.


One of the first questions we get is usually about how we are going to pay for all this. We’ve been saving intensively the last year and both worked as much as we could (and still are). We try to spend money only when really needed. Will this be enough? Depends on what we want to do, right? Nothing (except dreaming 😉 ) is for free, but what we really want to do is make the most of the time we have abroad. We’ll be spending our money wisely, yet try to chase our dreams where possible. If this brings us only halfway through our planned itinerary, so be it, as long as we lived the experience to the fullest, without regrets!

Stay tuned for more preparation related updates!


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