4 months, 2 countries and what it cost us…

Exactly four months ago we said goodbye to our lives as we knew them and jumped on a plane to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 121 days on the road and two countries officially behind us, we’d like to share with you what this means in terms of finances. While preparing for our trip, we thought it was a great help to be able to read about it on other travel blogs. We hope we can help some future travellers get an idea of what travelling in South America might cost.

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How no whales and harsh winds can still bring good times…

A few days ago we did a 3-day trip on Peninsula Valdes, a place where whales, sea lions, seals and elephant seals find it so safe they come here to deliver their babies. We (us two and the two guides) drove to the peninsula and pitched our tent on a private beach. The plan was to go kayaking a few hours every day and hopefully come across some whales or other animals. Because the breeding season for the whales came to its end and the babies got big enough, the whales already started moving back to the open ocean. No whales for us, but that means we have one more excuse why we’ll have to go to Canada one day or another!

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Close encounters with penguins and Argentinean police

Tuesday morning at 3.30 am our alarm clock wakes us up: time to leave Buenos Aires behind and move down south. The whales and penguins at Peninsula Valdes are waiting for us! We have a flight at 6 am that takes us to Trelew. When we arrive we pick up a car at the airport and start our drive through the Patagonian no-man’s-land, straight towards Punta Tombo. This reserve is said to host the largest penguin colony in the world, offering a breeding space to close to 1 million penguins.

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