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Where now?

So, after visiting paradise on earth, what are we up to now?

Sunday the 24th of June we fly from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Los Angeles, USA.  We will rent a car for 3 weeks and (roughly) do the following route:

After the road trip, we fly to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to spend some time with Sean and Dawn, my host parents from the time I was an exchange student in Delavan, Wisconsin. We’ll be chilling, visiting family and most of all appreciate every minute we get to spend together!

On the 25th of July we take a plane to Brussels, putting us on Belgian soil on thursday the 26th.

We are thus entering our final month of travelling. For us this will be more like a normal, summer vacation. We are planning ahead, booking camping sites and hostels beforehand and we will also stick to these plans!

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bucket list (buck•et list)


a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime trip of a lifetime


We made ourselves a bucket list! We believe that making a bucket list should be all about dreaming. No strings attached, all fun.  Try it, you’ll have fun even if you’re not about to jump on a plane right away. Will our trip be unsuccessful if we haven’t checked off our entire list? Not even close. It might even get longer along the way, a proof of how much we’re loving the place and that we’re in need of even more wonderful experiences! And what doesn’t happen on this trip gives us an excuse to start travelling again soon.

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Welkom op onze blog over onze reis naar Zuid-Amerika! Hier kunnen jullie informatie vinden over onze reis door Zuid-Amerika en onze voorbereiding.

When we leaving you ask?

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