4 months, 2 countries and what it cost us…

Exactly four months ago we said goodbye to our lives as we knew them and jumped on a plane to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 121 days on the road and two countries officially behind us, we’d like to share with you what this means in terms of finances. While preparing for our trip, we thought it was a great help to be able to read about it on other travel blogs. We hope we can help some future travellers get an idea of what travelling in South America might cost.

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Are we ready?

Only 10 days left in Belgium! The weather has finally started acting like it normally does this time around, so checking the weather in Buenos Aires is an instant mood-lifter these days.

Preparations have been going fairly smoothly. About two months ago you could read a bit about some of the dilemma’s we were dealing with. It’s time to check whether we have cut all the necessary knots.

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